PAN LAB Vienna

„Handpans“ are very young instruments, originating from the Caribbean steel pan. The innovative new shape was designed by two Swiss steel pan makers in 2001 with the name „Hang“(R). The term „Handpan“ has spread as the name for further developments of this new instrument. Although most of them are tuned in 440Hz, there is no standardization for size or material, nor for the number or range of notes.
Each Handpan is unique – quite similar to a polished diamond. Each tone field is tuned with the hammer by hand with thousands of hammer strokes.
Each hammer stroke on a Handpan can also destroy the artwork – or bring it closer to harmony.

At PAN LAB Vienna, maker & tuner Birgit Pestal gained her experience since 2017 with around 90 scales. Custom scales and layouts are also possible.
Birgit likes to think of Handpans as cognition and intuition amplifiers. They have the power to bring music back to people.
With Handpans you can explore sound in a completely new way, combining rhythmic and melodic playing.